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Are you a student?

Select the “yes” bubble if you are a student. Then choose whether you are enrolled in school, home schooled, or not currently enrolled. Once you do this, you can enter information about the school you attend. Parents, educators, and workforce professionals will choose the “no” bubble and then select the role that best represents you. Note: You won’t be able to change your choice once your account is created.

School Name, District and County

Your school name, district and county are “auto-type” fields. This means that when you start typing, a list of options will appear. For example, if you type “east” all schools matching all or part of “east” will appear. When your school appears, select it from the list. If your school does not appear, check the box “not on list”. Parents and educators should include information for the school their children or students attend. This information can be changed or updated through Account Settings.

Expected Graduation Date

Choose the year that you expect to graduate high school.

Parent’s Email Address

If your parent or guardian has an email address you can enter it here so they can learn more about the activities you’re doing on OhioMeansJobs K-12. Parent’s email address is optional. If you don’t know it now, you can always add it later.